Virtual Energy Audit

VA:W has developed a thermodynamic model for steam and cooling plants labeled as the Virtual Energy Audit (VEA).  It totally replicates the total plant with validation for plant operational optimization, operational setting analysis, or modification planning.  Some of the prominent points are:

  • The VEA is a thermodynamic model with mass and energy balances.
  • The basis for heating analyses is stoichiometric combustion – idea combustion – for any fuel
  • Chilling applications are included where appropriate
  • The VEA accounts for all losses and efficiencies of the total process
  • The VEA is validated against actual data for accuracy
  • The VEA encompasses the entire plant  – all energy consuming equipment

The VEA is a powerful tool for finding solutions to thermodynamic questions.  Among the types of investigations are:

  • Plant Optimization
  • Plant Operational Setting Changes
  • Plant Fuel Changes
  • Plant Emissions Parametric Estimated Prediction
  • Plant Modifications
  • Plant Equipment Additions

For additional information, refer to

The schematic shows one of several plants with completed VEA files. Click below to view full PDF.

Generic Flow Sheet