Expert Witness

Alan Werner, P.E., PMP, using his broad experience in a variety of engineering applications, will offer significant assistance to legal and insurance cases.  These experiences allow him to know the proper questions to ask and where to find the answers.  Some examples of the applicable experiences are:

  • Industrial process designAmerican justice
  • Industrial process construction and installation
  • Thermodynamic modeling for boilers and chillers with associated peripheral equipment
  • Thermal equipment malfunctions such as boilers, heat exchangers, heaters, etc.
  • Fluid transfer equipment such as pumps and associated controls
  • Piping design and analyses
  • Ventilation systems including fans and controls
  • Acoustical situations
  • Material preparations such as screens, refiners, grinders, dryers, etc.
  • Safety equipment such as relief valves, blowout discs, etc.
  • Machine design and supporting stress analyses
  • Weldments analyses
  • Material selection in metallic and non-metallic materials

The list of industry types from he has drawn experience and skills is:

  • Pulp and paper in sulfate, thermo-mechanical, and mechanical pulping
  • Petrochemical refining and storage
  • Utility boiler systems with associated support systems
  • Steam systems both schematic and actual
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Food preparation plants

With training in patent litigation, all of these skills and experiences can be applied to patent infringement litigation, IPR, and Markham consulting.

Mr. Werner is well grounded in analysis and documenting the analysis results in the language of the layman as well as other professionals.  He has public speaking and presentation skills to communicate the analysis to groups and individuals.

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